Russia signs deal to build nuclear power plants in Nigeria

The Russian Federation has reached a deal to construct two nuclear power plants in Nigeria, in a bid to further improve electricity supply in the West African country. 

Russia signs deal to build nuclear power plants in Nigeria

The energy situation in the country is said to be hampering economic growth and inhibiting business expansion as most businesses spend heavily on generating their own electricity independently using power generators and inverter systems.

Russian company, Rosatom is billed to build one of the plants in the southern end of the country and the other in the central city, sources at the Nigeria Atomic Energy Commission said.

Likely, the said proposed project may cost the largest and most populous black nation fortunes, and may be worth up to $20 billion.

According to BBC, "the deal in Nigeria was reached after a long period of negotiation, with the two countries signing their first intergovernmental nuclear co-operation agreement in 2009."
"Nigeria hopes the plants, which will initially be operated by Rosatom before they are handed over, will help deal with the country's energy deficit."

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