Nigeria to begin manufacturing Electric Cars


The National Automotive Design and Development Council in Nigeria has intimated the public that electric cars in the West African country would soon be a reality. It made the statement on Thursday, 16th November 2017, noting that it will collaborate with relevant stakeholders to achieve the goal.

Nigeria to begin manufacturing Electric Cars

The Director General, National Automotive Design and Development Council, Mr. Jelani Aliyu MFR disclosed this at the official launch of the first FUSO Truck Assembled in Nigeria by Cfao assembly plant in Lagos and stated that NADDC is committed to working closely with all the players in the auto industry to ensure that Nigeria would leapfrog and join the global trend irrespective of the challenges, adding that it is time for Nigeria and friends of Nigeria to take the bull by the horns and embrace technological advancement in the automotive industry as Nigeria could not afford to be left behind in this global movement. 

The Director General congratulated FUSO/Cfao motors for making waves in the auto industry. “It is really an incredible milestone for the automotive sector in Nigeria to have CFAO and FUSO Truck launch an assembly plant right here in the country with the capacity to assemble at least five trucks per day”.

He however challenged the operators in the industry to come up with more advanced solutions to transportation in Nigeria as most of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the developed countries are gradually moving away from production of conventional cars.

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