Dubai Police to begin using flying motorbikes

The Police in Dubai is set to commence the use of flying motobikes for its law enforcement operations. Recall that the Middle Eastern city already has supercars like Lamborghinis, Mercedes G-Wagon, Bugatti and the likes in its arsenal. This new development is just an addition.

Dubai Police to begin using flying motorbikes

Previously, it was announced that the Dubai Police deployed robotic police officers into its workforce as well as self-driving patrol robots. However, the concept of flying motorbikes is just mind-blowing! 

The motorbike is simply known as the Scorpion which was designed by Russian Tech Company Hoversurf. It uses four propellers which allow it stay airborne. It is able to reach 40 miles per hour and can operate itself, meaning it could work autonomously.

The Dubai Police is set to launch mass production of the flying motorbike in Dubai, following an MoU signed by Hoversurf.

The vehicle was unveiled at the GITEX 2017 tech show

However, apart from the Scorpion flying motorbike, another concept motorbike was unveiled at the same event for the Dubai Police - a concept by Japanese tech coy Mikasa. It's a land rover and has a top speed of 124 miles per hour.

Dubai Police to begin using flying motorbikes

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