Paris declared car-free day: should your city follow suit?

So Paris made it to the news on Monday with the city's mayor, Anne Hidalgo declaring a car-free day throughout the city to reduce air pollution and equally minimize car traffic on the city's roads; but this one-day policy left me puzzled. Although, this isn't be the first time the French government is experimenting car bans but this was a more spectacular occasion.

Car-free day in Paris

First, I thought of the adverse effects such proclamation would have on the city's economic activities and transportation network and whether the government was not worried about such.

Secondly, the reaction from the city's residents came as a surprise as most people threw their weight behind the declaration, noting that it was much needed to allow breathing space and avoid dodging vehicles and inhaling the fumes from vehicle exhausts in a city where the air pollution from vehicles is often high.
Paris declares car-free day
People moving about with emission-free carriers in the French Capital

A city resident, Maxime Denis said: "It's nice for the air quality, for enjoying the city centre."
Another Parisian, Francois Boillat said: "As a Parisian, I only use public transport all the time, even though I have a car buried in a sixth basement car park and I barely use it. It is a bit stupid. I should sell it."
Paris declares car-free day
The Champs Elysees filled to the brim with people without any car in sight
However, just the emergency and special utility vehicles were allowed to operate within the city. Do you think this policy should be replicated in your city, at least once a year and what is likely to happen if it takes effect? 

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