Dubai wants to tow an iceberg from Antarctica to Middle East

Interestingly, Dubai has plans to tow a whopping 3.5-million ton iceberg from the ice-filled Antarctica region back to the desert Middle East. The aim is to utilize the iceberg as a tourist attraction and as a source of fresh, drinking water for its citizens.

Dubai wants to tow an iceberg from Antarctica to Middle East

The unique and defying stance of UAE as regards technology grows unchallenged. It's a super crazy idea but no doubt, it could be achieved, however with huge chunk of oil money.

The plan is to carefully select a suitable iceberg with desired shape and size and would be further pulled by an enormous ship which would sail the high seas at a very low speed of one knot (approximately 283 days of continuous, full-power towing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As a result, this ice is estimated to lose about 30% of its overall mass but would still be beneficial for its intended use.

Seeker Channel graphically illustrated this concept in the video below. Follow Seeker Channel on Facebook.

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