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Top-notch Mercedes-AMG G63 and G65 SUVs

Hey guys, check out the latest from the stables of German Auto Giant, Mercedes. The new G63 and G65 respectively now have been refreshed, looking even bolder and more fierce, with new design elements running through their DNA.

Mercedes-AMG G63 and G65 SUVs

The G-Wagen legacy lives on and the new additions are top-of-the-range.

Both are now available in the high-end Exclusive Edition. Both models have spoke 21-inch alloy wheels with either silver or matte-black coating. 
Mercedes-AMG G63 and G65 SUVs
Mercedes-AMG G63 and G65 SUVs

Mercedes-AMG G63 and G65 SUVs
The engines remain standard and loaded by default with V8 and V12 biturbo.

The Exclusive Edition also gets a sprucing up inside, including the design Exclusive package with a two-tone, leather trimmed instrument panel and climate-controlled AMG sports seats.

Mercedes-AMG G63 and G65 SUVs

According to reports, prices for the G63 start at €163.125,20,  and €287.658,70 for the G65.

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