Ultra-rare customized Ducati 848 Neo-Racer

Not-so-popular Ducati '848' neo-racer custom motorbike made by Smoked Garage appears in new renderings as a super-designed exclusive model. It's obvious that much effort was put into the creation of this edge-cutting stylish roadrunner. 

The lightweight Ducati alloys are finished in ‘lolly’blue and are wrapped in Metzeler’s tires, while its structure is enhanced with carbon fiber paneling. The ‘neo-racer’ features a Motogadget M-unit, sending power to its futuristic front and rear LED lights.

Painting the minimalist lines on the raw polished aluminum. The combination of polished alloy, carbon fiber and its six shades of blue is mesmerizing. The air box is covered in a polished alloy skin, with a relief for the radiator filler, while a bespoke outer tank mounts over the top. The rider’s seat also makes use of an upper and lower section that is supported by CNC machined billet aluminum.

Via: NewFoxy

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