The world’s largest cargo plane can swallow anything including a Boeing 737

As of today, the world's largest cargo plane is the Antonov An-225 Mriya which was built by the Russian Federation in 1988 and is still used till today. It can take up anything from cars to trucks to trains and even some other airplanes. It is the biggest and the heaviest aircraft in the world.

Largest cargo plane in the world

With a wingspan of 290 ft and a cabin length of 275 ft, it is used for commercial transportation of heavy goods/cargo around the world. It was initially intended to carry equipment for the then Buran Space Program which was later cancelled, hence the conversion of the aircraft to a cargo plane.

Although there's also another huge jumbo jet aircraft being used by the United States' Space Agency, NASA, called the "Super Guppy" to convey its Orion space craft, but the Mriya stands head-to- head as the world's largest due to its wingspan and length.

NASA jumbo jet orion space craft carrier

Designed at the end of the Cold War, the An-225 was built as a replacement for the Myasishchev VM-T to carry the Soviet Union’s Buran space shuttle between launch and landing sites. The An-225 is based on the earlier An-124 “Ruslan”, however it includes additional turbofan engines, a reinforced floor, and stronger, 32-wheel landing gear set than its predecessor.

In all, the An-225 utilizes six Progress D-18 turbofans, each producing 51,600 lbf of thrust to haul its massive loads of cargo. This massive plane holds the world records airlifting a single-item payload—a gas power station generator weighing 418,834 pounds—and for airlifting a total payload of 559,577 pounds.

Largest cargo plane in the world

The An-225 loads and unloads through its nose—the rear ramp and cargo door were removed to save weight—and actually kneels using its retractable nosegear, allowing deliveries to drive directly into the cargo bay and more easily position loads. The Mriya also differs from the earlier Ruslan in its tail assembly. The An-225 uses a split, twin tail—rather than the single vertical fin—that allows it to carry large external items up to 440,000 pounds.

Largest cargo plane in the world

Reports say that a second Mriya is being constructed in a joint effort by China Republic and Ukraine to supersede the power and carrying capacity of the current one.

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