The all-terrain king: brutal BRUTUS motorcycle

Meet the new king of two-wheeled motorbikes, the 'brutal' BRUTUS, a powerful motorcycle with fat, chain-snow tyres designed to cross any terrain from sand to rock to snow. It's a new one from British car manufacturer, CATERHAM. It rocks a liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 750 cc single engine, producing an impressive 50-horsepower for its level. It also features a massive pair of 26-inch wheels and some heavy-duty friction tyres.

The fierce, terrifying outlook of the Brutus only gives a hint on its capabilities should you put it to test.

Weighing a cumulative 500 pounds (235 kg equivalent), it has the inherent ability to mount and take on the challenge to defeat almost any terrain, trust those tyres to do a pretty good job.

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