Switzerland unveils world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge

The world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge opened in the Switzerland with an extensive length of 1621 feet, as well as a height of 279 feet. Nicknamed the "Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge", it has broken the world record, setting a new pace as the longest of its kind in the world. It's said that the bridge offers an astonishing view of the cities of the Matterhorn, Weisshorn and Bernese Alps in the Swiss country.
The bridge spans the length across the valley between two cities
According to CNN, the bridge was constructed to replace an older bridge which was partly damaged by the Alpine debris and named after its profound benefactor, who is equally a psychologist and a co-owner of a Swiss winery.

A journey which would ordinarily take four hours across the underlying Valley is now truncated to a surprising 10 minutes as the bridge runs across the valley, and a total travel time of four hours between two cities Zermatt and Grächen has been greatly reduced by the construction of this breathtaking bridge.

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