Super Tucano attack planes headed for Nigeria

Twelve A-29 Super Tucano attack planes have reportedly been approved for sale by the United States to the Nigerian government after a long dialogue. Valued at a whopping $593 million, the 12 planes are intended to be used for operations as regards fight against the terrorist group, Boko Haram and other West African splinter groups including the Islamic State in the region.

Super Tucano attack planes

According to Vanguard, the delivery of the twelve A-29s, equipped with wing-mounted machine guns, weapons integration with advanced surveillance, precision-guided bombs, and even air-to-air missiles would also come along with parts, training, facilities and weapons.

Although these are rather light turboprop planes, they are said to be efficient in air surveillance, aerial attacks and yield significant results in overall combats.

According to the contract signed by both parties, the deed would require that the US provide training and support, and will include instruction on rules of engagement and human rights to help prevent civilian casualties for the Nigerian Military particularly the Air Force.

Previous efforts to acquire some ammunitions and security equipment from the US had failed under the Obama Administration, with the US declining to approve Nigeria's request on the premise of Human Rights violations by the Nigerian Military.

Don't get so critical, the supposed planes have been reportedly used in Brazil and the US Air Force. They perhaps would be a boost to the operations of the Nigerian Military in the Northeastern region of the country mostly in its fight against insurgency.

Vanguard also reports that asides Nigeria, other West African nations possess these planes in their arsenal including Ghana, Angola, Burkina Faso, Angola, Mauritania.

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