Female Russian Motorcycle celeb dies in fatal auto crash

You all have heard of the saying that we should not tempt fate. But being the humans that we are, we are attracted to danger. To that adrenaline rush that we feel when doing crazy things.

Sexy female Russian Motorcycle celeb dies in fatal auto crash

But unfortunately It has all come to an end for Olga Pronina. A beautiful 40 year old woman who had over 160,000 followers on Instagram and earned the name Sexiest motorcyclists in Russia. Her handle was @Monica9422 but it has been talked down by Instagram following her death. While she was alive, she used to post her daredevil, hair tingling stunts there some of which were highly sexual in nature.

Sexy female Russian Motorcycle celeb dies in fatal auto crash

Olga is widely known to have written of the "unbelievable excitements that she felt on her motorbikes". In her own words, "she was grateful to it for the sparkles in her eyes, for the warm wind blowing in her cheeks when the visor is open, for the unbelievable excitement and a feeling of flowing In the air, for doses of adrenaline".

Her last post was one she did in a short blue dress. It can still be viewed online on YouTube after various users like Zvjezdan93 and LucioSP11 have videos of her performing different stunts. You can also find a lot of copy accounts of her online and the hashtag #monica9422 is being widely used for conversations and condolences for her online. It is being reported she left a 16 year old daughter behind. She died when she into a car on an expressway in Russia while filming her latest stunt. May her soul rest in peace.

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