Remote-controlled container ship to be tested in Japan

Japan is gearing up to test the world's first remote-controlled container ship in 2019. This test would be carried out by the country's largest container shipping line. If remote-controlled isn't a good descriptive, then call it a fully-autonomous (self-driving) ship.

remote-controlled container ship to be tested in Japan

Nippon Yusen is Japan's current largest container shipping company and will commence the trial of maritime autonomous technology with one of its vessels in the Pacific Ocean come 2019, reports say. This is in a bid to further encourage and advance autonomous technology.

Reportedly, the test will include a crew on standby in the case of necessary safety and human intervention as computers cannot be fully trusted in all situations.

According to a media release, “Japan’s government is backing research into data transmission and setting domestic and international standards for automated ships. Its goal is to have the cutting-edge transmission technology included on 250 ships built domestically by 2025."

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