Meet the world's youngest Boeing 777 female commander

Indian pilot Anny Divya has successfully become the world's youngest Boeing 777 aircraft female commander, dusting rivals and challenging other aspirants alike, despite the stereotype associated with such outstanding positions as men mostly mount such. 

World's youngest Boeing 777 female commander

The thirty-year-old high-flying pilot who is a native of Vijayawada, a small city in the southeastern part of India holds the record with Air India. According to CNN, Anny had always wanted to be a pilot from childhood.

"I always wanted to become a pilot, from my childhood," Divya told CNN Travel. "I didn't have anybody around who knew about piloting at that time. I had no guidance. I just wanted to fly", she said.

"I had no clue about any aircraft, technology, nothing," she says. "I'd never had any flying background or anybody to guide me, the whole subject was very new to me."

"I had issues with the language and cultural changes, even the way I would dress was different because I came from a smaller city," Divya says. "The others were from good cities and had gone to good schools and colleges. I had language barriers, I had cultural barriers."

"We all have some success stories and failures -- but we have to focus on what we need and to keep learning," she says. "I wanted to become a pilot, that's what I wanted to do. So even though I was not doing OK initially, I was very determined to just do it."

World's youngest Boeing 777 female commander

Family support was given to her as she claims.

"My parents have been very supportive," she says. "Even though there were financial issues -- paying for flying was a lot of money for my parents at the time. It's only with their support that I could do it."

"By the time I got my job I had learned a lot in life," Divya says. "I went to Spain [to train] and I've been doing big international flights for 10 years now."

"When I go on flights, people keep asking 'Are you a commander?' " she says. "They're like, 'But she's such a young girl to be flying such a big plane!' "

Divya equally talked about her love for the job and the best things about flying which interests her. 

World's youngest Boeing 777 female commander

"I love each part of the job, traveling and wearing the uniform," she says. "We take off from different airports, flying into new airports everyday. It's never monotonous, it's very adventurous."

"Right now I want to fly new aircrafts, with more advanced technology," she says. "I also want to get into teaching, I want to become a trainer."

"I'm really happy that people are inspired and they want to achieve their dreams," she says.

She further encourages young people like her to take on the career path to being pilots.

"I want guys, girls, everybody to achieve their dream and if you want to become a pilot you need to have a passion for this," she says. "Because the sector is such that sometimes the jobs are there, sometimes there are no jobs -- you really need to have that passion. You have to have patience."

"A lot of people work hard," she says. "It's also opportunities you get, I think I've been placed in the right time and right place. I really wanted to do it, but also the timing was correct -- and my airline gave me this opportunity."

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