Is Stock Android still the Golden Globe of the Android OS?

Hey guys, how's it going? So we all know about Stock Android. The pure, vanilla software created by Google and which is used to illustrate how Android is supposed to run and shows it at its finest. Previously, some 3/4 years ago, only limited nexus Google devices had it. But in recent times, more and more devices are adopting it. And this is supposed to be good right? Not quite.

See the beauty of Android is in its variety. Android is a diverse ecosystem. We have custom ROMS from Huawei EMUI to Oppo COLOR OS. From One-plus Oxygen OS all the way to LG's U.I 3.0, Android is a mismatch of different software. If one doesn't catches your fancy, you can simply switch to another one.

But we all know about the "inconveniences" of custom Android skins, inconsistent software updates, low security patches, aesthetically unpleasant or childish icons etc. But nowadays all those reasons don't really hold water anymore. Custom OS all over the ecosystem has being improving drastically. They are now becoming more and more "stock" in nature. All you need to do is take a look at the recent devices from manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Huawei, One plus, LG, etc.

Most of the issues with custom OS have been resolved. They are more beautiful and reliable than ever before, they deliver updates quicker, even add some useful extra features that are not found in stock Android e.g. capturing long screenshots and on screen recording.

But the main issue is that thanks to increasing hardware capabilities, the performance difference between stock Android phones and "skinned" phones are getting more and more negligible. So now, THE MAIN DIFFERENCE IN PHONES IS THE SPECIFIC OS THAT YOU ARE ON. Because since all the latest phones are all performing reasonably well, the difference now is the software. And what would be the variety of Android if all of us run stock Android?

Android was meant to mean different things for different people. If you want a singular OS across all devices, of course switch to IOS. After all, the difference between IOS and Android is also becoming increasingly negligible thanks to a general death of ideas in the mobile phone industry.

So there is it. My main argument is that skinned OS all across the Android ecosystem are becoming as good as stock Android. Thus we don't all have to be the same, we can all be different. After all that is what Android is. Being different.

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