Developed by a UK Varsity, these solar glass bricks generate electricity

Academics and Researchers from the University of Exeter in England have successfully developed a new and trending technology which they claim could bring an unprecedented change and revolution in the construction industry. The development which is still fresh and new emanated from the Department of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Science in the school.

UK University develops solar power glass bricks
The new solar power technology easily fits into glass blocks. The glass blocks allow copious amount of sunshine to be channeled and directed into the device, which in turn generates electricity. The blocks are simply referred to as 'Solar Squared.' The blocks also provide improved thermal insulation, developers say.

Solar Squared’s patent-pending design consists of an array of optical elements that focus sunlight on small-sized solar cells. 

These are incorporated within the glass bricks during manufacture and they collect diffuse components of sunlight, making it useful for capturing solar energy in urban areas. The modular design is scalable and intended for flexible structural integration. 

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