Decommissioned helicopter converted to a luxury hotel

This one got me jaw-dropping. I couldn't have enough of the story so I decided to share this awesome innovation and luxury design concept. In this case, it's not an automobile, instead an helicopter! A decommissioned Sea King helicopter has been converted into a luxury lodge.

The luxury helicopter hotel sits right in the middle of a smooth and decent arena with bright lovely lights beaming from within
If you may call it an hotel, we're still on same page, hehe. Now, here's where it gets interesting - inside of the helicopter is a mini kitchen, shower room, and bed in the tail offer comfortable and home-like living, while an intimate cockpit seating area boasts panoramic views over the landscape of stirling, scotland.

The luxury sitting lounge with roundtable and panoramic glass roof with side trails 
According to NewFoxy, the interior of the aircraft was transformed into a spacious and luxurious apartment that can accommodate a family of up to five people.

Signage lighting effects and paintwork done to the exterior still maintains the aircraft nature of the new hotel
The team at helicopter glamping started the project by purchasing the decommissioned sea king in an online auction, then transporting it 320 miles by road, before finally craning it into position at the picturesque thornhill campsite signage, lighting, and paintwork were all restored to original condition.

The mini kitchen inside of the aircraft with gas cooker and racks for keeping utensils
Spacious Bedroom with hotel lights from above and lovely wall painting

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