BMW Vision Next 100 astonishing Motorrad concept

BMW revealed another top engrossing concept of its future motorbike, the Vision Next 100 series - a revolutionary signage in its effort to radicalize future trends of automobiles. Tagged the BMW Motorrad, it was unveiled at an exhibition in Los Angeles, California alongside several other concepts from other auto brands.

BMW Vision Next 100 Motorrad

BMW is envisioning a connected world in the world of motor and super bikes whereby they would serve as an alternative means of transportation with a more redefined delivery and approach in terms of management and speed. The Motorrad is such a futuristic ensemble of the best of thoughtful component designs with an ave-like outlook for better ergonomic and aesthetic appeal as well as aerodynamics for efficient road management. 

BMW Vision Next 100 Motorrad

The in-built self-balancing mechanism of the future bike would allow riders mount on it without necessarily having their helmets or padded suits on. Reportedly, the mechanism helps maintain the bike's stability and balance while stationary and in motion, thereby preventing tip-overs.

Perhaps with this kind of tech, more people would be able to own and use bikes as an alternative for their daily commute, thanks to the simplicity of the system on which the bikes operate.

BMW Vision Next 100 Motorrad

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