We will not allow driverless cars - INDIA

India's Transport and Union Minister, Nitin Gadkari has noted that India will not allow technologies that will replace human labour or that will lead to loss of jobs which would have been undertaken by humans. 

Driverless cars

This he reflected on the issue of autonomous vehicles which do not require human drivers since they can drive themselves. He was quoted as saying that driverless cars will lead to joblessness.

The road transport minister further said that instead the government will focus on training drivers as adequate driving skills can provide employment to about 50 lakh people.

"We will not allow driverless cars in India. India suffers a huge shortage of 22 lakh drivers. Cab aggregators take advantage of these. We are not going to promote any technology or policy that will render people jobless," Gadkari said.

While emphasizing on the need for electric cars, the minister noted that India's government will promote electric vehicles but will not allow importation, instead it would encourage major indigenous and foreign automobile companies to locally manufacture them.

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