This Ghanaian teenager developed a Google Search Engine rival

A 19-year old Ghanaian teen, Gabriel Opare is Ghana's newest tech sensation just as he has successfully built a search engine which perhaps could compete with YouTube - Google's video website.

Gabriel Opare Mudclo

is Opare's search website which allows users to discover, search and stream video content from multiple sources in one place. Reportedly, his field of study i in s he Social circle as he's working towards his Sociology degree in the University. However, his penchant for technology has ultimately pushed him further into the tech world in the area of web design and graphics which have birthed his much-admired Mudclo.

With an intention to create a competition within the world's monopolistic internet circle in terms of Search (including text and video), Opare believes his new endeavour will change the status quo while delivering much more than what is currently available.

"Mudclo will challenge the dominance of YouTube. I believe that my business is good enough and that it can scale globally. It is a legitimate point to say that YouTube is a video hosting website, but they are two different entities. While YouTube is a video hosting website, mine combines the power of YouTube and two other video hosting websites in order to create Mudclo," Opare said.

With an exponential increase in the rate of education and technological penetration within the African continent as well as an overwhelming participation by young people, the future of Africa could only be nothing less than unimaginable!

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