Microsoft officially pronounces the Windows Phone dead

Microsoft has finally thrown in the towel. It was a truly tough battle. Microsoft has officially ended support for Windows Phone 8.1. It seems that the company has decided to cut its losses over a product that was released just over 3 years ago.

Though Windows phone was released in order for Microsoft to compete against Apple and Google in the mobile scheme of things, it had always seemed half - baked or more subtly "forced" from the get go. With Windows phone 7 in 2010 you can see that Businesses and Corporations prices were high on Microsoft priority list not 20 year old college students who were just coming from the  ipod Era.

Thus coupled with limited carrier devices, lack of some features taken for granted on other platforms e.g (the customizability and flexibility of Andriod, or the ease of use and seamlessness of IOS), and a very huge gap in the App market both in quality and quantity (irrespective of Microsoft spirited efforts). It was no surprise that Microsoft was forever playing caught up, favoured only by tech reviewers and company employees.

So irrespective of the release of the much improved Windows Phone 8 and 8.1, and the ill fated partnership with Nokia. Even the wow moments of Windows Phone eg the Lumia 1020 could not put a dent in the smartphone industry.

But all is not all doom and gloom. This is Microsoft we are taking about here. While Windows phone may be dead, Windows mobile is alive and knocking. With Windows 10 mobile, the shift of focus to provide apps and services like Azure and Office, and huge advancements in AI eg Cortana. Microsoft may have lost the battle to put phones in our pockets but in this new era of computing, they are well at the fore - front.

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