Check out Helmfon, the unique noise-isolating helmet

So you know those times when you are at work or even in school, and you just want everything around you to disappear. All the noise, sounds from tables, photocopying machines humming, or even that new girl complaining over the phone to her friend how demanding the boss is. Well now thanks to some genius firm in Ukraine  they have found a way to help to help you out.

noise-isolating helmet

The name of the product is HOCHU RAYU, and it is designed to block out noise and help you concentrate. Apparently the idea came about from trying to devise a way by which workers can Skype without disturbing others, though its usefulness and applications in other fields is unlimited.

noise-isolating helmet

The company still recognizes you are at work, so it includes a built in microphone and speakers for people who deliberately need to tell you something, not someone asking you what you think of the latest trumps tweet.

If you feel odd wearing it over your shoulders, you can mount it to a wall or ceiling. It apparently uses foam to create that insulating environment, so you don't need to worry about radio waves or anything like that.

I can see who the produce is designed for. It might not be adopted mainstream, but it can be quite useful for some people, though right now it is still a prototype. No release date has been announced yet, but stay tuned.

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