Google Maps reportedly identifies Skiing as transport means

Google's navigation app has reportedly featured skiing as a means of transport in its new update. According to a screenshot provided by a user of the Google Maps, it shows directions provided through the Coronet Peak Ski Area in Queenstown, New Zealand, showing skiing as a method for using the route. Measurements are shown in the directions by the app.

Google Maps identifies Skiing as transport means
However, reports from some Google Maps users indicate that there are inaccuracies in timely notifications from the app concerning their movement. For instance, Android Headlines noted that some users reported that Google Maps occasionally incorrectly claims they were skiing, even in areas with no slopes.

Google Maps identifies Skiing as transport means

But perhaps we can all help to correct this anomaly by indicating contrary to the reports by the app in case we experience any of such cases and ticking out the wrong report by adjusting our movement timeline in the app.

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