Google introduces SOS alerts feature to Search

So what is the use of being the world's most data driven company if you can't use all those information to save lives. Thankfully we don't need to ponder about it because Google has a new feature that would literary help our lives.

Google introduces SOS alerts to Search
We all know that during periods of disasters be it natural or man-made one of the most important things needed is Information. Accurate, On time information. But most often this is always lacking. Google SOS alerts solves this by providing critical information from local authorities and first responders who are around the area.

It further provides services like related tweets, emergency telephone numbers, relevant news articles, Google maps info showing which areas are accessible or not, accident areas and places where other problems have occurred, including alerts concerning weather, earthquakes and public safety.

Now this is not just a concept or an idea in the pipeline, Google has collaborated with reputable organisations including the RED CROSS to provide SOS alerts in countries like the Philippines, Canada, Australia, Japan and the United States. In Google's own words, "we want our products to give people quick access to important information such as what is going on and where it is going to help them stay safe and informed". We can only say well done Google, well done.

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