Dubai unveils world's first hotel with its own Rainforest

Guys, Dubai is at it again. Yes they are. Nowadays it seems like any record breaking luxury construction is being done in Dubai, and I am not surprised. The home to Burj Khalifa is going to play host to an hotel come 2018. 

Designed by ZAS architects, named the Rosemont Hotel and Residencies, and to be operated under the Curio Brand by Hilton worldwide, the project  features about 20 million sq feet of luxury space and even comes with its own twin tower, which by the way would contain 280 residential properties.

Its unique selling point, an artificially created by 75,000 square rainforest located at the base of the 2 towers. It will be called the podium.

Words are hard to describe this new project, but before I show you pictures of the place, let's have a look at "some of its features".

Artificial beach, glass bottom pool suspended above the streets of Dubai, dynamic 3D projections on arrival which can transform into either the rainforest or an aquarium, robotic luggage handlers, on site bowling alleys, trampolines, pre-historic Jurassic inspired marsh, an ultra luxury spa and health club.

So for something costing "just" about 550 million dollars, it is no wonder why this project is eagerly anticipated.

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