Before I started writing this article, I wanted to name it can your "tablet" replace your laptop. But since in the Android ecosystem, there is no truly great flagship tablet device that can come close to the effectiveness and utility of the ipad within the Apple ecosystem, let's just use the ipad for our case study.

We all know that nowadays ipads are increasingly getting more and more powerful with each new generation. The current new generation ipads with the Apple A10x processors are so powerful, for raw processing power they are higher than some entry level laptops, even macbooks. As for tablets, they totally obliterate any competition, be it from Qualcomm or Mediatek.

In fact it is so powerful, it actually needs IOS 11 to take full advantage of its power. And IOS 11 is not even fully released yet. IOS 11 is more "windows" like than ever before with the introduction of the new Files 📂 system. This enables users have root level access and control to information and storage on the ipad. Not only on the local storage, but it also syncs with online storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft Onedrive. This does one better than what is currently available on Microsoft Windows.

The new ipads even come with a crazy 120hz  refresh rate display coupled with the ipad unique single aluminium build construction, and the same camera sensors that feature in the iPhone, hardware is even better than almost all laptops out there say the Macbooks themselves or Microsoft Surface line of products.

Now let's get to the tricky part software. Look let me just put it out there. If you are among the 60% of people who 90% of the time use their laptops for media consumption, word processing,  surfing the Internet and occasional gaming. Yes the new generation ipads coupled with the Apple keyboard and maybe even the Apple pencil would be excellent for you. But if you are in the other 40% who use your laptops for other more advanced things like video production and editing, coding and programming or stuffs like I don't maybe, nuclear ⚛ research ☺️, well maybe not. You see, the ipad can actually do these things, but not as good as an actual laptop.

So as usual in all things tech, why the ipad can be some people main computing device like me, (frankly the only intensive thing I use my core i5, 4GB, Nvidia GPU, Samsung Series 5 laptop to do is play master league on PES 2017) and frankly I would rather have an Xbox game console, for some other people it can't. But if you have the money, get the new ipad. I promise you won't regret it. Thank you.

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