All Volvo cars from 2019 would be electric or hybrid

New announcement from Volvo states that all Volvo car models launched after 2019 will be either electric or hybrid. Volvo is therefore the first automobile company to officially set a date for phasing out combustion engine vehicles. For now, the company will continue to make conventional/regular vehicle until the set deadline. This is one of the many strides at going all green to protect the environment and checkmate climate change.

For the time being, Tesla remains the dominant producer of electric cars. All its vehicles from inception have been fully electric.

"This announcement marks the end of the solely combustion engine-powered car," Volvo Cars CEO Hakan Samuelsson said.

Volvo is owned by Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, a Chinese company and it has plans to launch five new models between 2019 to 2021 - three of them Volvos and two Polestar-branded - would all be fully electric.

"These five cars will be supplemented by a range of petrol and diesel plug in hybrid and mild hybrid 48-volt options on all models," Volvo said. "This means that there will in future be no Volvo cars without an electric motor."

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