11 year-old invents device to arrest hot car deaths

An 11 year-old boy, Bishop Curry has invented a new device to prevent hot car deaths. His invention was inspired by a news report he watched about a 6-month old baby who died as a result of being left in a hot car (most probably from enormous heat).

The dynamics of his new device involves a fan placed on the front headrest facing a car seat which automatically activates once the interior of a car attains a particular temperature. Further, Curry incorporated a GPS device to detect the movement of a car and ascertain when a car comes to a halt; also a WiFi to notify parents that they left their child in the car.

Reportedly, Curry has so far won the interest of several car seat manufacturers thanks to his father. However, the device is still at its early stage of development and thus has a crude design, hopefully the already established manufacturers and other tech companies would fine-tune and add better presentation to the device.

Additionally, Curry has launched a GoFundMe campaign for his new device.

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