This Google app is about the best Data Saver you can get today

Wonderful guys at Android Police made a spectacular notice of this awesome app from Google which saves you data whether you're on a limited data plan or unlimited WiFi subscription. It's a really handy and highly efficient tool for saving data. It's called TRIANGLE from the stables of Google Inc.

Triangle from Google

As expected, you'd have to grant permissions to use the app, such as allowing the app create a Virtual Private Network (VPN), hence you can monitor your data usage. You can even restrict certain apps from using your data (applicable to 2G, 3G and 4G!).

It comes in very handy in those situations where you forget that there's a heavy data-hungry app in your phone and can consume almost all your limited data in minutes. You can instruct the app to restrict select apps from running in the background too without your knowledge.

And then there's this very lovely feature I like about the app - it allows you to grant apps access to your mobile data for a specific time frame. That is, you can allow apps use your data for 5, 10 or 30 minutes depending on your generosity. Lol!

However, the app isn't yet internationally-available to all regions as Google is reportedly still testing it out in the Philippines. But then, you can also enjoy this app by downloading via the link below.

TRIANGLE is available at APKMirror. It is not restricted to any region. Thanks to APK MIRROR!
Download the raw APK from this page, and check out more info on Google Play.

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