This company captures CO2 from the air and guess what happens next!

A tech company based in Switzerland has officially become the world's first to commercially capture carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere and then turn it into a useful product. It's the world's first ever!

The company which goes by the name Climeworks, is set to commence operations in Zurich, Switzerland and aims to capture and compress CO2 gas from the air and convert it into fertilizer for use to cultivate and grow crops in greenhouses.

The company's goal is to capture 1% of global annual carbon dioxide emissions by 2025! That's pretty a massive Vision!!

In a bid to tackle climate change, lowering the level of CO2 gas in the atmosphere is a welcome development as there's enough saturation of the harmful gas already from exhaust pipes of vehicles and vents from industries. Just as the world is going green, capturing CO2 would add to the efforts at combating the casual factors of global warming and climate change in general.

The company noted that the CO2 sucked from the air will not be stored permanently but will be translated into greenhouses and producing synfuels and so on. It further explained that no negative emissions will be generated.

Negative emissions can only occur when the captured carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere and then locked away forever, the company said.

A depiction of the technology is shown in the image. Co-founder Gebald said his team installed 18 carbon dioxide collectors on the roof of a garbage incineration plant outside Zurich. Powered by wasted heat from the incinerator, the collectors use fans to suck ambient air into filters, which absorb carbon dioxide. The filters are heated and the carbon dioxide is removed and piped into nearby greenhouses, which will use 900 metric tons of captured carbon to grow crops each year.

The captured carbon dioxide could also be used to manufacture transportation fuel, carbonated soft drinks, and other products, Gebald said.

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