Pilotless flying taxis are taking over Dubai soon

Era of flying Ubers/taxis are soon coming especially to Dubai. It will involve the usual activity of requesting a ride but this time, not a 4-legged land vehicle but a flying taxi in which case travelers would just be flown easily to their respective destinations. This vision would not be accomplished without the driving force - a two-seater Volocopter which can take off without a runway. It doesn't need a pilot either, and guess what? It's electric with a recharge time of just 40 minutes!

Flying taxi Volocopter in Dubai

Dubai aims to use autonomous vehicles for 25% of travel by 2030.

It’s capable of fully pilotless flight, similar to a drone, but for its five years of tests in Dubai, there will be a human pilot to ensure nothing will go wrong.

Flying taxi Volocopter in Dubai

The electric vehicle has 18 rotors, and can reach a top speed of 62mph – but it’s only capable of flying for 17 minutes.

Flying taxi Volocopter in Dubai

Similar to this is that of Airbus which uses two-stage system for operation - a cabin and a chassis. Read the post HERE.

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