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New opportunity: apply to attend for free in Berlin

Applications to attend OpenCon 2017 on November 11-13 in Berlin, Germany are now open! Most of those who are invited to attend will receive full or partial travel funding, if needed.

OpenCon 2017
OpenCon brings together early career researchers, librarians, and students from around the world to connect and empower the next generation of leaders to open up research and education in their communities. Past conferences have featured presentations from established figures such as Jimmy Wales (cofounder of Wikipedia) and Julia Reda (member of the European Parliament) alongside those from early career leaders.

Apply to attend OpenCon at https://goo.gl/FXUZFB

OpenCon 2017

The benefits of applying for OpenCon 2017 extend far beyond attending the Berlin event—those who apply will have the opportunity to get connected with new collaborators, learn about scholarships to attend related conferences, and actively participate in a larger community.  Applications will remain open until August 1st. Attendance at OpenCon is by application only.

OpenCon 2017

Students and early career academic professionals of all experience levels are encouraged to apply. OpenCon seeks to support those who have ideas for new projects and initiatives in addition to those who are already leading them. The most important criteria is an interest in advancing Open Access, Open Education, and Open Data and a commitment to taking action. Learn more about the types of projects OpenCon community members are working on and the impact they are having through the recently released OpenCon Community Report.

OpenCon 2017

OpenCon is also looking for partners to host satellite events—meetings that combine themes from the global conference with local presentations, workshops, and discussions to advance the conversation around Open in your local community. In 2016, there were 28 OpenCon satellite events in twenty countries—all thanks to our incredible hosts, who included students, scientists, librarians, researchers, and advocates from around the world who are working hard to increase action around Open Access, Open Data, and Open Education. To express interest in hosting your own satellite event and get more information, visit http://www.opencon2017.org/satellite

OpenCon 2017

The meeting in Berlin serves as the centerpiece of a much larger network to foster initiatives and collaboration among the next generation across OpenCon’s issue areas. OpenCon invites you to become an active part of the community by joining the discussion list, tuning in for monthly community calls and webcasts, or hosting an OpenCon satellite event in your community. Learn more at http://www.opencon2017.org/community

OpenCon 2017 will take place on November 11-13 in Berlin, Germany at the Max Planck Society’s Harnack House.

OpenCon is more than a conference. It’s a platform for the next generation to learn about Open Access, Open Education, and Open Data, develop critical skills, and catalyze action toward a more open system for sharing the world’s information—from scholarly and scientific research, to educational materials, to digital research data. OpenCon 2017 is at the center of a growing community of thousands of students and early career academic professionals from across the world working to create an open system for research and education.

OpenCon brings together the most energetic, engaged students and early career academic professionals—regardless of their ability to cover travel costs. Because of this, attendance at OpenCon is by application only, and the majority of past participants have received travel scholarships.

Applications to attend OpenCon 2017 in Berlin, Germany will open on June 27th. For more information about the conference and to sign up for updates, visit www.opencon2017.org/updates.

OpenCon 2017’s three-day program will begin with two days of keynotes, panels, and interactive workshops. OpenCon places an emphasis on highlighting diverse, early career voices, while complementing them with leading experts, such as Jimmy Wales (Co-founder of Wikipedia), Amy Rosenbaum (Director of Legislative Affairs to US President Barack Obama), and Julia Reda (Member of the European Parliament). The third day will feature an all-day “do-a-thon,” where participants have the opportunity to craft new campaigns, lay the foundations for new resources, and form collaborations that will continue long after the November conference is over.

Organized by the Right to Research Coalition and SPARC, OpenCon 2017 builds on the success of the first three OpenCon conferences, which collectively convened approximately 500 participants from 80 countries. In addition, OpenCon’s unique structure has supported 70 satellite events, enabling over 4,100 attendees across 32 countries to participate in an in-person OpenCon event. Throughout the year, hundreds of these individuals remain engaged through monthly community calls, regular webcasts, and a very active community discussion list. To learn more about OpenCon’s theory of change and the impact of the OpenCon community, click here to download the newly released OpenCon Community Report.

Satellite events will continue to be central to the success of OpenCon in allowing the community to scale. OpenCon satellite events are independently hosted meetings that mix content from the main conference with live presenters to localize the discussion and bring the energy of an in-person OpenCon event to a larger audience. These events are an excellent way to discover those interested in Open Access, Open Education, and Open Data within your community, build support, and catalyze action. If you or your organization are interested in hosting a satellite event, more information is available at www.opencon2017.org/satellite.

The OpenCon conference and community are only possible with the support of leading organizations with a strong commitment to support student and early career academic professional involvement across Open Access, Open Education, and Open Data. We deeply appreciate the support of our past sponsors, including the Max Planck Society, PLOS, the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, eLife, BioMed Central, SpringerOpen, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Wikimedia Foundation, Overleaf, Microsoft Research, Figshare, Creative Commons USA, and the more than 30 universities and organizations that have sponsored individual scholarships. If your organization is interested in supporting OpenCon, you can find more information and a variety of sponsorship opportunities at www.opencon2017.org/sponsor.

Applications to attend OpenCon 2017 open June 27th. For more information about the conference and to sign up for updates, visit www.opencon2017.org/updates.  You can follow OpenCon on Twitter at @Open_Con or #opencon, and on Facebook.

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