China launches world's first driverless train

China has successfully unveiled what is called the world’s first driverless train which can run on virtual tracks. Printed tracks on the road guide the autonomous driving system equipped in the train.

China unveils world’s first driverless train

It is reported to have a top speed of 70km/hr , and can travel 25km after charging for 10 minutes. This means that it is an electric train, and thus is eco-friendly.

Manufactured by a Chinese railcar company, CRCC, the Autonomous Rail Transit System (ART) combines both the flexibility of the bus transit system and the efficiency of the rail transit. It's a magnificent combo!

China unveils world’s first driverless train

The ART uses rubber wheels on a plastic core instead of steel wheels and is equipped with the company’s copyrighted technology to automatically guide the vehicle.

Thyoe bus-rail combo rapid transit system is expected to speed up public transportation in Zhuzhou, Hunan province of China.

The new ART system is also reported to be much cheaper than conventional subway systems, although the system design first began in 2013.

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