Cadillac challenges Tesla with its Super Cruise semi-autonomous technology

Tesla introduced the "AutoPilot" which was a Self-Driving system on its range of vehicles. They either take over the wheels from drivers when they're knocked out or they self-drive round town and get in and out of garages at the touch of a button. But Cadillac has more plans, and this time they're launching their latest semi-autonomous driving technology to challenge Tesla's previous innovation. It is called the Super Cruise.

Cadillac CT6 to feature super cruise

Cadillac is a brand of General Motors, makers of Chevrolet and its likes.

I previously wrote about the Chinese-made Cadillac CT6 sedan, and interestingly the Super Cruise is coming with the CT6. Basically, it arrives with front-facing camera, military-grade GPS and a series of radars to keep the car within its land and safe distance from other vehicles.

Cadillac CT6 to feature super cruise

From the stables of Express.co.uk, the Super Cruise was ultimately described:

"To ensure you're paying attention, Cadillac developed what it calls the first truly hands-free driving system. A gumdrop-sized infrared camera on the steering wheel tracks the position of your head. Look left, right, or down (at your phone, probably), for more than a few seconds and a green light bar in the steering wheel flashes."

"The higher the car’s speed, the less time you have to look away. Keep ignoring the road, and you’ll hear a chime, feel a buzz through the seat, and see that light turn red and start flashing. Refuse to respond at all and the car turns on its flashers, slows to a stop, and summons OnStar to make sure you haven't had a heart attack or something."

Basically, these gestures are what Cadillac boasts of in terms of delivering the first truly hands-free driving system. The Super Cruise is made to handle road markings especially on highways with divided lanes.

The company wants to begin using the technology on its 2017 flagship sedan, the CT6, although official price hasn't been stated yet.

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