All Dutch trains are now powered by 100% wind energy

Europe has been at the forefront with the goal for an emission-free world. Talk about solar roads in France or electric cars in Norway or even hydrogen-powered trains in Germany, we're yet to see it all. Newest entry are the 100 percent wind energy-powered trains in the Netherlands!

Dutch trains now powered by renewable energy

Basically, they intend to use renewable energy to run all trains in the country by 2018. But already, we're seeing early preparations because as at today, all trains in the country are already running on 100 percent renewable energy and this time, using windmills.

All Dutch trains are now powered by 100% wind energy

The windmills generate enough electricity to power the trains for long distance travels. A total of 2,200 wind turbines are spread across the country according to DutchNews.nl. Power generation from these windmills can serve about 2.4 million homes in the country. However, the trains are reported to have energy consumption of about 1.2 billion kWh of electricity per year equivalent to the total household consumption in the country's largest city, Amsterdam.

All Dutch trains are now powered by 100% wind energy

Prior to this record, we learnt about the hydrogen-powered trains which emit only water as the waste product. Such environmentally-friendly gestures are a welcome idea to tackle adverse effects of climate change.

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