A lookback at the world's first driverless buses launched in France - video inside

There's no doubt that soon, driverless cars, trucks and trains would take over the roads with 90% electric. But already, driverless minibuses are already on stage to dominate passenger transportation in the eastern French city of Lyon. Two electric self-driving buses were unveiled in France just last year and a video showing one prototype in action, will blow your mind.

France launches world's first driverless buses

Super cute and portable, they can easily maneuver bends and corners. The two electric buses are fitted with high-tech equipment including laser sensors, stereo vision and GPS and they can conveniently convey can up to 5 passengers at a top speed of 20km/hr (12 mph).

French auto coy, Navya is the manufacturer and each bus goes for about $225, 000. A prototype was successfully tested in France and Switzerland.

France launches world's first driverless bu

However there are also developments of driverless and semi-autonomous luxury buses by other auto giants such as Mercedes-Benz.

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