Zimbabwe is the most highly developed country in Africa - Robert Mugabe

Remember the famous Zimbabwean President who is known for his somewhat knowledgeable but outrageous quotes? He has claimed in a new statement during the World Economic Summit in Durban, South Africa that his country which he administers is the most highly developed country in Africa. This is coming as he accuses the United States of being a fragile state because of their dependence on China.
Robert Mugabe says Zimbabwe is the most highly developed country in Africa
Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugabe insisted on Thursday that his country is not a failed state. He pointed to Zimbabwe’s 90-percent literacy rate to support his claim that the southern African country, which has battled economic chaos in recent years, is one of the best resourced on the continent.

“We are not a poor country and we can’t be a fragile country, I can call America fragile, they went on their knees to China,” he said during a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum on Africa in Durban."

“Zimbabwe is the most highly developed country in Africa after South Africa.”

Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe for more than 20 years and has been accused of leading the cause of the country’s dramatic economic collapse.

Oxfam’s executive director Winnie Byanyima, who was also participating in the panel on the theme of failed states, said that oppressive leaders were to blame for the continent’s challenges.

“Our leaders say we are rich, they say we are developed, they say we have resources but the people do not see that. They clamp down on freedom of the media and the rights of people,” she said.

“Let us give others a chance, it is important that we have elections that are free and fair — that reflect the will of the people, that is at the heart of governance.”

The embattled president aged 93, seemed to have fallen asleep at the end of the session.

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