This robot can drive any car and also fit in a suitcase

This driving robot otherwise called IVO (Intelligent Vehicle Operator) is one hell of a genius - made by human innovative spirit. It relies on a series of sensors, cameras and mechanical devices to operate. In essence, that little white thing pictured sitting on the vehicle and mounting the steering control can actually drive your car provided its sensors and other vital components are working properly.

The driving robot IVO
The IVO sits on the vehicle and mounts the steering wheel
It seems driverless or self-driving cars are not just enough for the future, as this robot could just mount your steering wheel and drive you wherever you wish while you sit and relax. Now that's how intensive technology can be.

The driving robot IVO

Interestingly, the driving robot weighs 15 kg and can be carried around in a suitcase for portability sake, although improvement is being done to make it lighter. The robot has been configured to drive any car at all using highly sophisticated computer algorithms.

Don't be astonished to see a ridiculously-tiny machine proudly driving people's cars around in the nearest future. It's very realistic.

The driving robot IVO

For now, only the prototype has been made and costs about $1,600 to produce although the designers believe this will be much less if it is manufactured at large scale.

Tech Insider reports that the IVO has been tested in a car park in a golf buggy but the robot has been on the streets in China were driving regulations are less stringent, according to the designers.

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