This Nigerian converted his old Volkswagen Beetle to a Rolls-Royce!

Talented Muhammad Abdul Modibbo is one of the many Nigerians with unique dexterity. Just recently, he put to work his inept character as he remodeled a vintage Volkswagen Beetle to a seemingly pimped-up classic Rolls-Royce. He is a mechanical engineer and has made a name for himself with his new creation.

He founded Gamji Automobile situated in Zaki Ibiam, Benue State. You could notice the restructured Beetle now features 4 four doors like a regular sedan or crossover with a touch of fine white paint and classical interior.

The full-metal body car also rocks four exhaust pipes, a Rolls-Royce inspired front grille, Jeep Compass-inspired front lights longer Wheelbase.

The owner's objective was to create an aggressive outlook and bold design for the vintage Beetle, stylizing it to his taste and imagination.

See more images below.

Reconstructed beetle

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