This new flying car is the latest invention for just $2,000

Alphabet CEO Larry Page has got his hands full on a new innovation which is the tech talk of the town. Tech startup, Kitty Hawk was backed by Larry Page and today, the company has revealed its long-kept secret which has metamorphosed into something extraordinary.

Kitty Hawk electric car
The Kitty Hawk Flyer

Meet the Kitty Hawk Flyer, the mystery flying car which would be available for purchase by year end, according to the company. Designed to fly over water with eight powerful rotors which propel the electric aircraft and keep it afloat above water.

The project is currently in its prototype phase but has been tested and approved for legal use in the US. However, the final version of the flying car will look quite different from the prototype.

Kitty Hawk electric car
Using powerful rotors, you sit like a biker floating above water
 According to Tech Insider, the new vehicle weighs about 100kg and can travel at speeds up to 25 mph - a machine likened to a toy helicopter.

Very easy to mount and when you do, you sit like you're on a motorbike. The controls are incorporated into the handlebars just like joysticks as on a video game control.

Kitty Hawk electric car
It flies over water 
The vehicle takes off and lands vertically and of course, it is 100 percent clean energy - electrically-powered!

According to the Kitty Hawk site, the machine is "safe, tested, and legal to operate in the US" as long as you fly it in "uncongested areas." You don't need a pilot's license to fly it, and Kitty Hawk says you can learn how to drive it in just a few hours.

Watch the video below:

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