This Elevation Mask helps you breathe more comfortably during workouts

This new arrival just got doing exercises and workouts easier. No more running out of breath, this new innovation will help you increase lung capacity, cardio efficiency, and build muscles to control breathing. Called the ELEVATION MASK, it is redesigned with 4 inhaling resistance levels which can be easily adjusted during training without taking it off. The manufacturer says it is extremely comfortable to wear and has so much benefits to offer.

Training Mask 3.0,

Also called the Training Mask 3.0, it comes with Mask Cover, Phantom Regulation System (PRS),  XHALE Air Resistance Valves, Mask Body, Full Sleeve Head Wrap, and Fitness Instructional Booklet.

Read full description and specifications of the mask from the maker:

"We understand breathing puts a limit on stamina and performance in sports. That's why the Phantom Athletics Team has developed a tool that allows you to train your breathing muscles effectively: The Phantom Training Mask. This training mask helps you to strengthen your diaphragm and your intermediate rib muscles in order to push your limit of breathing beyond average, and to the next level."

Training Mask 3.0

"The principle is simple: The Phantom Training Mask is used during training and subjects your body to more severe conditions. It increases the resistance while inhaling, which makes it harder for you to fill your lungs with air, therefore your breathing muscles will be trained and strengthened. The mask restricts your air supply, which means that the diaphragm and the intermediate rib muscles have to work harder - by increasing the resistance you have to breathe stronger and deeper. Summed up, you can specifically work on your breathing performance! But how exactly does the Phantom Training Mask Work?"

"Working on your breathing is vital for to your overall performance and the Phantom Training Mask is a new and innovative tool to help. Before starting your training, learn more about all the different components and how each functions to provide you with increased performance results when using the Phantom Training mask."

Training Mask 3.0

"The Phantom Training Masks' sleeve is made of extremely resilient fabric that brings many benefits. It is detachable and changeable so you can easily wash it after your workout. The sleeve is ergonomically shaped, leaves the mask firmly attached to your face and prevents it from slipping, even during your hardest and sweatiest training sessions. This is ensured by the innovative cut of our Sleeve, with a strap leading over your head, that holds the mask in place and guarantees optimum wearing comfort. In addition, the sleeves come in various colors and styles, which can be ordered separately. Create your own style and match your training mask with your outfit."

"The Phantom Training Mask is suitable for nearly any kind of sport which demands power, conditioning and physical performance. From Fitness, Boxing, Martial Arts, Running, Triathlon, Iron-man, Soccer, Handball, Volleyball, Basketball to Track and Field: this list can be continued endlessly, these are just a few examples of disciplines and sports, for which the workout with the Phantom Training Mask is beneficial. Get started today and see how you far you can push yourself: Phantom Training Mask – Xhale your limits!   Note: as with all forms of strenuous training activities, if you have a physical condition, you should consult with your doctor to see if this performance tool is right for you."

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