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The new $999 Microsoft killer laptop with over 14 hours of battery life

Thought you've seen the best laptop out there yet? Meet the Microsoft Surface Laptop - a contender to the Apple MacBook priced at roughly $999 and targeted at the college students. However, there are downsides which you may not like. Continue reading...

Bill Gates isn't done making electronics as there's been a slight shift from software to hardware. In the latest addition to its range of products, Microsoft has unveiled the Surface Laptop, available for preorder at just $999.

Expected sales commencement is in June this year. However, the striking selling point is the battery life - a whopping 14.5 hours! It would also rock a 13.5-inch screen, a clamshell body, and a keyboard covered in Alcantara fabric.

Media rendering suggests the Surface Laptop won't have a resemblance to the regular laptops out there. It'd run Microsoft's new Windows 10 S, a new version of the operating system that Microsoft says is more streamlined and secure — and offers better performance and battery life — than the standard Windows 10.

According to Pulse Tech, the new PC is available in four colors, has a touchscreen, and supports the Surface Pen stylus. It comes in Intel i5 and i7 seventh-generation processor configurations, putting it on a par with other high-performance laptops.

Microsoft says the laptop is designed and borne out of students' need for a laptop and more such as longer battery life.

But there's one downside: the Windows 10 S won't let you install any software that's not from the Windows Store app market. This means that you won't be able to install third-party apps like the Google Chrome web browser.

But there's an option, you could switch any Windows 10 S computer to the regular Windows 10 Pro for just $49, although you may not get improved battery life and performance.

In comparison, the Surface Laptop costs about $999 whereas Apple's MacBook goes for $1,299.

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