Tesla cars are now used for Uber Taxi service in Spain

Popular taxi service around the world Uber has begun the use of electrically-powered TESLA cars in Spain. Already, Spain has a government-controlled cab service which a few years back, challenged Uber as engaging in unhealthy competition and gradually driving it out of business.

The challenge was corroborated by a lawsuit in which a Spanish Judge slammed Uber for not operating within the country's stringent rules.

Uber partners Tesla

However, defying the challenge, Uber has today deployed emission-free electric Tesla vehicles to its fleet in Madrid, Spain. Perhaps the decision was made to win favor to itself as the Spanish government is working hard to cut down on emissions and pollution arising from traffic.

According to insideevs, Uber’s managing director for southern Europe, Charles Lloret, said:

“We want to do things that are in line with what the town hall wants.”

This obviously portends a great opportunity for Uber to reclaim its taxi service pride and rebuild its image.

A single Tesla vehicle costs not less than NGN10 million, due to production costs of batteries for running the vehicle and other vehicle components.

The partnership between Tesla and Uber, would in a long way promote the practice of "going green" in the motoring industry.

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