Now you can edit roads on Google Maps

Google Maps now has a new feature which allows Android and iOS users to edit/fix roads or portions of roads that are incorrectly drawn, labeled or placed.

Google shuts down Mapmaker service
On Tuesday, Google shut down its Map Maker feature to allow Maps users add geographical or topographical elements including roads, highways, and rivers directly on Google Maps. Prior to this decision, only Mapmakers were allowed or had the privilege to do that.

This new development has come to limelight thanks to Google's pilot mapping programme - The Local Guides Programme (in which users earn points and benefits for contributing to the Maps through edits, suggestions, and adding places as well as missing information) whereby participants are graded based on points and levels 1 - 5. 

Google has now merged most mapping features with the Google Maps app itself, with the updated version making it easier for individual users to add as well as edit the roads. Meanwhile, higher-level users otherwise called the Level 5 Local Guides will be able to report issues on multiple roads in the Google Maps Android version.

“One of the most requested features to bring to Google Maps from Map Maker is the ability to add and edit roads. Today we are launching the first part of a revamped editing flow in Google Maps targeting road segment editing,” the company said in a press release.

To use this feature and ensure you also earn points and benefits for them, you may want to sign up with your Gmail account at the official Local Guides Website.

To edit roads on Google Maps, here’s what you need to do:

Open Google Maps on your desktop computer or the Google Maps app for Android.

Tap on the 3-line slide menu at the top left corner of the screen,

Scroll down and click on “Send Feedback”
Tap on “Edit the map”

Tap the road segment you want to edit
Tap “Next”

Suggest the changes for the road you selected from the following options:

Incorrectly drawn
Tap “Send”

Google stated that it would add even more features to the app in the future, including the ability to report a missing road, report issues with a route and report real-time closures as well as other events.

The new feature comes with an update, so you may want to update your Maps app on the App Store or the Google Play Store.

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