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Nigeria expectant as Indian Naval Warship set to arrive Lagos

Nigeria is the latest recipient of the Indian Naval Warship INS Tarkash expected to arrive in Lagos by month end. The Chancery of the High Commission of India in Lagos, made the announcement on Monday. The head of the Chancery, Jagdeep Kapoor, stated that the visit of the warship would fall on same day as the celebration of the Nigerian Navy Day, scheduled to hold on June 1st.

INS Tarkash on display

“The Indian Naval Warship, INS Tarkash, is arriving on a scheduled goodwill visit to Lagos at the end of this month."

“The visit of the Indian warship coincides with the Nigerian Navy Day that is celebrated every year by the Nigerian Navy on 1st June,’’ he said.

Kapoor said the ship was loaded with  high-density weapons and sensors and would be manned by a crew of 300 personnel, adding that the ship was one of the most potent platforms of the Indian Navy.

Kapoor said a joint exercise would be conducted between the Nigerian and Indian Navy ships at the end of the visit.

“The visit of the ship at this opportune moment reiterates the strong bond between both Navies in the larger context of growing bilateral defence cooperation between India and Nigeria.

“It also reflects the commitment of the Indian Navy to collaborate with the Nigerian Navy, in the face of growing global maritime security challenges,’’ he added.

Source: NAN

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