First ever hybrid Volkswagen Golf GTI with over 400bhp

Warning! It's fierce and powerful enough.
Not your regular Volkswagen Golf. This is a 4x4 Golf GTI with over 400 horsepower equivalent to what you get in a Porsche engine!

Volkswagen golf gti
Volkswagen surprised us when they made public this awesome ride, a brand-new hybrid golf with a 396bhp 1.4-litre 4 cylinder turbo petrol engine which propels the front wheels and a 16bhp electric motor on the rear wheels for electric drive. So a combination of the rear electric and front combustion gives you an all-wheel drive train. 

Volkswagen golf gti
It's the first ever hybrid Golf GTI with such amount of power. It’s called the VW Golf GTI First Decade.

The rear wheels as mentioned earlier are powered by a 48-volt, 12kW electric motor. Think you've exhausted your fuel, you could simply switch to the electric drive and cruise quietly on zero-emission. 

It's sporty and bold, brave enough to challenge its rivals. 

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