Barack Obama successfully unveils the design for his $500 million presidential library

Former US President, Barack Obama is not done changing the status quo even after leaving office. His recent plan to build a world-class presidential center in Chicago which will house a library, museum and public plaza has got people talking. At 500 million dollars, you expect the architecture to be no small feat. Take a look below, the proposed design of the structure.

Barack Obama Presidential library
According to Tech Insider, by 2021, Chicago will be the home of the 44th presidential library, built in honor of former US President Barack Obama. Called the Obama Presidential Center, it will feature a library, museum, auditorium, restaurant, and public park. The library is reportedly going to be the first to be built in an urban environment.

Having winning the bid out of 140 companies, local firm in the US, Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects is said to be contracted to take charge of the construction of the massive structure.

The design alongside a 3D model was unveiled by Obama and his wife on May 3rd in which local residents and Chief stakeholders were in attendance.

The museum will have an exhibition space and meeting rooms, while the library will include a collection of documents, emails, photos, and artifacts from Obama's time in office.

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