AfriOne: The first phone factory in Nigeria just opened

The first phone factory in Nigeria has been commissioned and has opened for operations. Phone company AfriOne has extended its operations to the shores of Nigeria since the country is an emerging tech hub and a potential large market for tech products like gadgets, smartphones and other electronics.

AfriOne: the first phone factory in Nigeria just opened
The company's recently commissioned facility spans about 20,000 sq ft and houses all of AfriOne’s operations, including testing laboratories. The factory is located in the Oshodi area of Lagos.
The company has also showcased it's smartphone that was Made-in-Nigeria. As well, it also manufactures sizable laptops.

According to Pulse Tech, the company launched the phone along with its manufacturing facility in Lagos, where it hopes to produce 300,000 phones every month. Each phone will use locally sourced or made parts and the entire manufacturing process will come through AfriOne’s four production lines at its Lagos factory.

AfriOne: the first phone factory in Nigeria just opened

Speaking at Lagos Governor Akinwunmi Ambode’s commissioning of AfriOne’s Lagos plant, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, AfriOne, Sahir Berry, said, “AfriOne champions corporate socio-economic development, while wholly supporting the ‘Made-in-Nigeria’ mantra. The company models products that utilise cutting-edge technology reflect a modern, sleek design and integrate the latest and arguably necessary financial technology such as mobile health, mobile education and mobile banking. This is all with the goal of facilitating connectivity among Nigerians and the rest of the world.”

AfriOne's debut mobile
AfriOne’s facility spans about 20,000 sq ft and houses all of AfriOne’s operations, including an R & D department and testing laboratories.

Lagos Governor Ambode, who was represented by the state’s Commissioner for Science and Technology, Olufemi Olubiyi, said, “I’m sure opportunities provided by AfriOne will be of immense benefits to students of the Lagos State Polytechnic. As a government, we are not unaware of the challenges being faced by our youths”, the commissioner said.

Lagos commissioner with company officials
Although no specifications are available yet for the company's first phone in Nigeria, we expect that they'd soon make the information publicly available.

AfriOne phones on display

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