Nigerian student in New Jersey breaks record, gets admission into all 8 ivy-league schools in the US

Nigerian-born teenager in New Jersey, Ifeoma White-Thorpe has broken record by getting accepted into all 8 ivy-league schools in the United States. Now, she has to make a decision to choose just one out of the eight to attend.

Ifeoma White-Thorpe

It's a feat which many high-school students can only dream of. Getting admission to all eight most valuable schools is no easy achievement.

A senior student and student government president at Morris Hills High School in Rockaway, Ifeoma now has to choose between Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Columbia, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, Dartmouth and Brown, and oh even Stanford!!

Ifeoma White-Thorpe said she was shaking when she got the eighth acceptance letter.
"I was like, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, like this might be eight out of eight and I clicked it and it said 'Congratulations' and I was like oh my goodness!"

Ifeoma White-Thorpe

According to Ifeoma, she wants to study biology and pursue a career in global health. Since all of the Ivy League schools "have great research facilities," she decided to apply to them all.

Although there have been other students who have achieved this monumental feat such as Kwasi Enin in 2014, Nigerian Harold Ekeh in 2015 and also Nigerian Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna and Kelly Hyles last year.

Her parents decided to let her have a say in her choice of school, so they leave it all to her to choose which she wants to attend.

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