Google shuts down Mapmaker service

Chief mapping service, Mapmaker has been dropped by Google following an announcement that its features would be added and integrated into the Google Maps itself. 

Google shuts down Mapmaker service

The Mapmaker was a powerful map editing tool which began in 2008 that allowed its handlers to build roads, terrain, landmarks and other important places, having a resemblance to Wikipedia. Afterwards, the data would be forwarded to a moderation team for review. Further actions depend on the authenticity of the information. 

While the map creation tools were great for new construction and creating more detailed maps, Map Maker was most valuable in countries that didn't have great maps to begin with.

Like Wikipedia, Map Maker has had its share of problems sorting out correct, well-meaning edits from malicious ones.

However, Google now aims to incorporate the Mapmaker features into its Local Guides Programme which awards Google Maps users points for leaving reviews and adding pictures, and various levels in the program unlock new perks from Google. Last month, Google Maps gained the ability to edit road segments—a feature of Map Maker—but rather than roll it out to everyone, it was limited to Local Guides that were "Level 3" and above.

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